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Installations / Smart Home

Smart Network

The most important part and the beginning of every Smart Home project should be a strong network. Today's home networking is wrongly associated with the Wireless portion, but a well design will give you a Wired portion for the most important devices,(ex those linked with security), Smart Home Hubs, DVRs, NVRs, that SmartTV in the Family Room or even the Pool Cleaning System that never work after you changed the router last time.



Smart Security

We recommend and instale:​

  • Ring alarms

  • Ring Video doorbells

  • Any wireless camera (DVR, no monthly fees requirements). It requires electric energy (AC).

  • Ring cameras. They are wired for power and wireless for internet.

It is important to understand that any Do-It-Yourself alarm system requires an electric installation, and this should be a low voltage one (DC), nevermind the the device functions with Wi-fi or not. It is recommended that it should be a wired installation, especially for gadgets related to security. Therefore, this, connected to internet, is going to behave as a base station or a smart home hub, to allow the connection of more devices in a growing network. For example:

       * Smart locks.

       * Smart lightning.​

       * Smart smog detector...

Smart Locks

  • Household door locks that open and close automatically, remotely accessed by a Ring base station. 

  • Garage door that can be accessed by internet.

  • Garage remote control connected to your household mesh network.

Everything above can be smart and perfectly integrated to a single internet good conexion, through our recommended mesh network installation.

Although it can be done with any brand in the market, our best proposal is to use the brands covered by the umbrella of a Ring base station. 


Smart Sensors

There is a world of possibilities that can be done using sensors, specially taking into account that the smart home market is currently a fast-growing industry. 

Our recommendation is to use sensors from reputed smart lighting control brands, for example Lutron, Leviton, Logitech, or Ring, with experience in automation solutions for smart homes and versatility to connect many home devices.

We can make the integration of devices compatible with for example the Logitech TV control, to switch lights on and off, or Ring sensors that detect both smoke and carbon monoxide (First Alert Z) which works with the Ring Alarm Security System.



Smart Sound

Talking about smart sound is to introduce us to the entertainment wide area were tastes, environment and content will lead the choices.

We can recommend and install the best options that fit your budget and wishes:

  • Surround sound: 5.1; 7.1; 9.2 or multizone.

  • Smart TV boxes: Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, that bring the convenience of streaming.

  • Smart remote control (RC).


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