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IT Solutions

Technology has to work for you.  It has to be not only reliable, but useable and functional, and this is part of our job, in A20 Consult. We can elaborate a solution that tailors to your situation, anticipates and overcomes inconveniences, and support your goals.


We can provide you with strategic practices or the right standard procedures to solve technology obstacles. This, in turn, will help you to improve how services are delivered in your company, increase quality and optimize results on time and budget.


This service is specially targeted to small and medium companies that do not have with the expertise of an IT Management Department to solve their everyday problems in  their technology infrastructure.





We can make technology work for you from the basic specialist advice of what equipment to buy, how to cope with increased work loads with scalable architectures, improved data center servers, or proper designed office networks, in order to make your human resources to function in a more efficient and smoother way and to focus on their core activities. We can also help you solve your strategic cloud computing and security issues.


We have long experience using  Norton Antivirus by Symantec, the market leader. We account with innovative solutions for small to medium size networks with  the support of Norton for Small Business and Symantec EndPoint Protection.  We recomend Symantec EndPoint Protection in its cloud version for its notorious features: striking performance, user-friendly, and highly exigency in equipment audits, which places our business in a new time: the Cloud era.  A20 Consult is ready for this!
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