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A20 Consult was born in 2013 with the idea of addresing our clients computing needs through a personalized approach in order to meet their particular service requirements. We account with a  professionally trained team with strong customer service skills. This enables us not only to solve our clients specific needs but also to provide them with proactive consulting services to avoid similar obstacles in the future.


Why "A20"?


Our quest for excellence and our passion for technology advancements are reflected in our name: “A20”.  At first glance it resembles the idea of the highest score:  an “A” or a score of 20 out of 20 points. The idea is completed by the fact that in the computing world, A20 is the specific line of the computer structure which starts with what is known as the High Memory Area.  This line was, back in the late 80s, when we were students, the starting point of contemporary computing functioning, from where more complex programs and expanded memory guided the inventions of pioneers like Microsoft.


Our technologic passion is permanently burning, and it leads us to adequate top notch technology to the real requirements of our clients, their budgets and possibilities, always keeping a futuristic vision in each one of our proposals.


What we do


Our portfolio of services comprises:


  • A20 IT Solutions, specially designed for small to medium companies that do not account with an IT Management Department. We can install, update, bring maintenance to your network, and improve the management of your resources.

  • A20 System Integrated: a service targeted to centralize data, voice, video transmission and/or surveillance cameras, all in one place, at home or at work.

  • Web design: a complete service for those who want to step ahead in their careers and boost their business operations.



Make up your mind and take the advantage of being well informed about what can we do for you, and also being well served. Just point your problem or inquiry and let us guide you to a tailored solution.



Welcome to A20 Consult!

A20 Consult

About Us 

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