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Routers for you

The routers we sell more

Each customer has a specific need, which we analyze to recommend the best choice of routers for their situation.


Suffering from a lack of Wi-Fi coverage or lack of Wi-Fi speed?

Sometimes you just need to change the router location, but most of the time you need to change your old router for a more powerful one. Here are our most recommended brands, which comprise about 90% of our routers' installations.  


This is our high-end brand. We recommend it for big houses to maximize wifi coverage throughout your home. It allows streaming 4K video, games and video conference in a confident way. It counts with automatic updates that help to maintain your network secure and safe. 


Asus is our second most recommended brand. We also use it in big houses as it offers speeds over one Gigabyte. It is also capable of great connectivity with other routers, allowing the creation of a powerful mesh. It is the brand we install the most. We call these routers "the immortal", ask why.


Tp_link is our cheapest good brand, which offers 10 different models of routers. We use it in apartments or two-floor decks. It is an excellent alternative because it offers a very simple configuration and good Wi-Fi transmission speeds.


What do you need?

  •   More speed of Wi-Fi connection?

  •   More Wi-Fi coverage in your home?

  •   Customization of your wireless network?

  •   Connect more smart devices in your home?

  •   Security improvements in your Wi-Fi network?

Houston, we can help you. 

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