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As our customers are continuously leveraging information technologies to remain updated, at business and at home, many times they tend to get trapped among plenty of devices, wires, heat, weak signals or disrupted connections.


We specialize in creating your personalized network, and optimize the combination of different technologies and brands.  Therefore, all your devices can live together in a more efficient and rewarding way.


Are you interested in centralizing data, voice, video transmission and surveillance cameras in one place? Our services offering include installing, customizing, migrating, maintaining, troubleshooting and even training our customers with technical expertise. 


Furthermore, we offer impeccable work, with hidden wires from plain sight, offering the right organized environment that you need at your private space, so you can fully enjoy your technological advances.



Just point your problem and let us do our job. 
For this type of service our motto in A20 Consult is:
           "No wire left behind"...

System Integration

Surveillance cameras





We don´t sell cameras, we install them.



Let us install the right equipment for your environment and feel comfortable to check in your employees at work or monitoring how things are at home.

You can have access to the cameras operation wherever you are: through your desktop, tablet or even smartphone.  



We can give you some advices that will worth our work.

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